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Brand Design Master Course

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The Training in Detail

Is designing brand identities for businesses a passion of yours? This is the exact course you've been looking for! It teaches you how to build a brand from start to finish and includes dozens upon dozens of video tutorials. With this over 40 video series, you'll learn the fundamental elements of brand identity and how to apply them to your own real-world projects. You'll learn about the branding basics and psychological aspect of branding, designing logos and colour palettes, implementing typography, using photography effectively, presenting your work to your client and public and how to package and deliver the identity. Jump in the course now by clicking on the button below TO GET THE BEST OF THIS COURSE, YOU NEED PRIOR DESIGN SOFTWARE SKILLS. THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE LEVEL COURSE. IF YOU HAVE BEEN DESIGNING ONLY LOGOS OR JUST FLYERS AND SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT IN THE PAST, OR YOU'VE BEEN DESIGNING FOR BRANDS AND YOU WANT TO UP YOUR SKILLS THEN YOU CAN TAKE THIS COURSE. This course is a perfect mix of theory and practical. Here are some free things you get along with this course. ‌fake client briefs for practice presentation templates so you don't have to design from scratch brand identity guideline template Access to our tutors archive of free resources to help your design career. By taking this course you are able to charge 10x your current rate.

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