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All You Need to Know About Brand Identity in 2024

Updated: Apr 4

Brand Strategy in 2024

Do you remember when brand identity was more about creating a generic logo for the sake of it? Yes, those were the simpler times.

However, recent events, such as the pandemic and the upsurge of technology, have changed what we understand about branding and brand identity. So, it is important that you stay ahead of the curve by understanding the changes. So, what do you need to know about brand identity?

In this article, we will take you through the basics of this concept. The article will also discuss the trending strategies that highlight the market's need for 2024. Let us start by defining the term and go on from there.

The Definition of Brand Identity

To put it simply, brand identity is the combination of all the visual components of a brand. All the elements that come together to portray the values and goals of a brand through virtual means makeup Brand identity. It is the unique theme that makes the brand stand out. 

Hence, whether it stands out positively or negatively depends on the brand and its identity. 

Brand identity combines visual concepts such as logo design, color, typography, unique messaging, and highlighted goals. 

Note that brand identity differs from brand image. Brand image is the perception or the consumers' view of the brand. Your identity is what you present, and your image is what your audience sees or thinks of you. Now that we've made it clear let's look at the importance of brand identity. 

The Importance of Brand Identity in Current Social Trends

As mentioned earlier, the digital age is using more technological innovations. These innovations, such as the ever-growing AI, are shifting towards automation.

People make hundreds of decisions at the click of a button. And if you are a service provider, it is important to understand these changes in your consumers. Consumers are putting more trust in digital advertisements. 

Socially responsible brands foster a loyal community

The influence of social media also grows by the day. According to SproutSocial, 77% of consumers prefer shopping with brands they follow on social media. These brands have mastered the art of creating an identity that resonates with online consumers.

Discussions around this change show that branding can boost your business's social media growth. Social media growth, in turn, translates into sales and patronage. 

But if you understand this, so do hundreds and thousands of brands out there. Some of these brands are direct competitors. So, there is a need to be atop the chain if you want to pull potential clients, gain the trust of new customers, and never lose the confidence of your loyal returnees. 

Coke cans with different names on them

This means your tool for standing out from the competition is your brand identity. That single fact highlights the importance of brand identity. There are a lot of carbonated drinks out there, but, for obvious reasons, Coke is the name that comes first to your mind.

Your brand success will depend heavily on how you can utilize the power of identity. Let's discuss the latest trends that can help you navigate the waters of competition.

Latest Strategies and Trends in Branding in 2024

It is no news that consumers' behavior changes dynamically. The changes highlight the corresponding changes in brand identity trends. These changes should be a core part of yours.

Here are the latest strategies and trends: 

Commitment to Social Values

Most consumers patronize social media active brands

We are more aware of our need to save or, at best, our planet. This social responsibility is popular among new buyers and consumers today.

Hence, your brand should conform and support this trend. Successful brands in 2024 are selling more than products and services. They are selling trust and building community through shared social values. A brand needs to foster a loyal community with a sense of social responsibility. 

So, your brand should input details of its commitment to social welfare. The use of recyclable or eco-friendly materials is a typical example. Your brand identity should make this clear. 

Human-Oriented Services

While your brand keeps an open eye on the social trends in the community, it should not forget the individuals in the community. It should be a combined effort. Your logo, messaging, and unique voice should all cater to personalized services.

The more our world shifts towards automation and emotionless services, the more people crave a user-oriented experience. Consumers feel more connected and loyal to a brand if it has an element of human input. You evoke nostalgia, fellow feelings, and the like by adding the human touch to your identity. 


One trend that has stayed valid over the years is simplicity. It is true what they say: less is more. It is true that you want to portray several values and goals in your identity. But it is necessary to do it in a simple way. The minimalistic design showcases clarity, boldness, and direction.

Remember that your customers live in a world of information overload. It is necessary to create a brand identity with easy recognition. How do you achieve this?

Highlighting the Key Elements of Brand Identity

We mentioned the key details that make up your brand identity. But these key details also have specific trends and uses. Let's highlight some of the key elements: 


Logo creation gives you a creative space with versatility. You can create a logo that takes the form of shape, text, or clear images. It is a key element of your brand. It could also be an animated form of the brand's name or acronym. You can be unique with these options at your disposal. 

Vibrant Colors 

Most consumers remember brand's color than name

Do you know that 81% of consumers will mostly recall a brand's color rather than the name? That is a sampled result, and it highlights the importance of color. Color triggers and creates a psychological attachment to a brand. The use of vibrant images is trendy in 2024. It is a strategy to implement. 


Typography is the face, font, or shape your logo or brand uses in its unique messaging. The letter "M" can be written in a hundred ways. But a particular version of the letter instantly connects you to McDonald's. That's what typography does. These tools include clear and unique letterforms, oversized fonts, and backgrounds. 

Brand Identity with Seriphics

A brand identity is a window that allows the outside world to peer into a company's core values and goals. When consumers resonate with the brand image before them, they easily connect with such a brand.

However, it is important to be updated with current trends and dynamic shifts in the branding world. In 2024, the trends are shifting towards more sustainability while trends like simplicity remain useful. 

At Seriphics, your one-stop for all things brand identity, we are committed to creating a clear brand identity for your business.

Through actionable strategies, we are ready to spruce up your ideas and create an identity that: 

  • Highlights your brand values, goals, and uniqueness. 

  • Resonates with the consumers and target audience

  • Moves in time with the current trends and strategies. 

Work with us, and let us create a unique, powerful, and trendy identity!

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