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Importance of Strategic Branding

Updated: Apr 4

Importance of Strategic Branding

Branding is an important part of your business. It is the tool by which you grow and expand. Hence, its importance cannot be overstated. But there is more to branding than "just making your business known". That is where strategic branding comes into play.

You will know that brand identity is different from brand image. One refers to the picture you paint about your business, while the other refers to the world's perception and how much of that picture they see. The difference is strategic branding. 

In this article, we will expand on the importance of strategic branding. We will also highlight different parts or components of your business that benefit from strategic branding. 

Here are the main reasons why you need strategic branding:

Clearly Communicated Core Values

Strategic branding allows you to communicate your core values clearly. Your business exists on certain principles and core values. It is the drive for your growth. You can make these values clear to the world with the right brand strategy. There is no confusion about what you stand for as a company. 

Laser Focus in Marketing Efforts

Your business marketing efforts stream all its power into one pool. With strategic branding, there is alignment in your goals and your steps to achieve these goals. Your core values remain the same, but how you interact with your customers and consumers differ.

Strategic branding helps attract new consumers and partners while keeping the old ones. The right brand strategy allows you to focus on the right marketing efforts. 

Creates Accountability and Consistency

With clarity in values and focus on marketing strategies, it becomes easier for accountability to flow across each section and level of your brand. Strategic branding allows you to reduce directionless activities.

You can hold yourself and your brand accountable to the marketing efforts, its flaws, and promises. When there is accountability across all components of your brand, it is easy to build trust with your customers. 

Consistent Brand Experience

Accountability as a result of strategic branding helps you to build a consistent brand experience for consumers and customers. Your market can predict the quality of services you provide.

With a consistent brand experience, customers relate more to the human part of your services. It builds connection and fosters loyalty. Your identity regarding "after-sales" services becomes clear, expected, and appreciated. 

Long-term Thinking

Long term goals help to avoid short term distractions

Strategic branding allows you to focus on your long-term goals while avoiding short-term distractions. There will always be short-term "gains" or plans that seem advantageous to your business.

These short-term gains often come with long-term pain to the brand. Strategic branding gives you a mapped-out structure for comparison. It is easy to let go when the short-term plan does not align with those goals. Your brand remains focused on steady and organic growth. 

Attracts the Right Talent

The right branding attracts the right talent

You cannot grow a business alone. Expansion in business size requires simultaneous expansion in the workforce.

However, it is important that you bring in employees and partners that will contribute positively to your business growth.

Here is the chain of events: strategic branding gives you a clear brand identity and image. The brand image, in turn, gives you a reputation. With the right reputation, you attract the right talent. Branding strategies also allow you to select the best and most fitting brand for your business. 

Cultivate a Stronger Company Culture

Strategic branding improves your company culture and fosters a unidirectional drive toward growth. Your company or organization is clear and determined on its path to success. With a clear branding strategy, it is easier for all branches and elements of your company to follow that lead.

Anyone who takes a different direction automatically falls out of the pack. Hence, everyone makes an effort to achieve a single goal. No one or unit is drawing you back or serving as a source of distraction. All hands are on deck. This cooperative culture makes you stronger and unbeatable. 

Building a Community

Branding strategy helps you to understand the need to sell more than a product. You are selling a brand, a name, and quality services. The world around you can see what your brand is all about. With that, you attract the right customers. With the right customers, you can build a community that understands, aligns, and supports your brand.

The community inherently represents your brand and is an organic source of true growth. Everyone who aligns with your values will want to be a part of your community. It's all thanks to the right brand strategy. 

Get Everyone on Board

Branding is your tool for building loyal communities

Strategic branding also creates a synergy between your new talents, the organization, and the community of loyal customers. The cooperation across all levels makes it possible. The combined effort is greater than the sum of the individual efforts.

Employees get more done when dealing with loyal customers. Loyal customers get more quality and personalized services when they are in tune and familiar with the employees.

The new talent is up to speed with the direction and pattern. The brand becomes a single living and growing cell. 

Build a Financial Value for Your Company

Investors love a company with clear goals

Strategic branding is also important for your company's value. This importance is especially true for startups. Investors and potential partners will feel more aligned with your goals. Why? There is a clear trend on how to achieve those goals.

Another point is that a strong connection with consumers gives you a steady base in an ever-dynamic market. Trust and commitment helps you to achieve customer recognition and loyalty. Everyone wants to associate with your brand. It, therefore, translates to growth. 

Strategic Branding with Seriphics

Seriphics is your best choice for realizing your branding strategies. We understand the importance of the right branding strategies for your business, old or new. What's more? We also understand the dynamics of brand strategies.

It changes with time and trends, and we are ready to keep you a step ahead of the competition. Work with us and enjoy the ultimate benefits of strategic branding. 

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