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Why The Twitter Re-brand is Failing: What Can We Learn From it as Entrepreneurs.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023


Twitter re-brand to X

At this point it's safe to say that the twitter re-brand is not accepted by many, but we certainly do not have a choice with using the app, so we are stuck with it.

As an entrepreneur, what can you learn from this event, especially if you are thinking of re-branding.

user data in branding

As a business, our users and customers are number 1 before what we feel or want as a founder - at least, if your business was created with a vision to solve a users problem or give user satisfaction. Twitter was created for the users and over time users have come to love the "tweet" "twitter" brand.

We can say this because the re-brand to "X" has users suggesting other options for "post" (the replacement for tweet). We've seen options like "xeet" (pronounced zeet). We can clearly see that the old brand really keeps the users to the platform.

When embarking on a re-brand, you want to always start with user data. This will help you see the best way to introduce a new phase, into the market without doing so much damage.

Brand equity

I'm sure we have heard of brand equity at some point. It's the monetary value a brand has over time. Over the years twitter has grown in value being worth over 4.4 million dollars. The brand has the same level of brand equity as google when it comes to the name being used as a verb like "google it'. We can't say "X it" or "I just Xed".

The fact that the name could be used as a verb was what gave it a boost in building that brand equity. You just can't go a day without saying tweet in a sentence.

When rebranding, you need to be able to separate what parts of the identity to let go and what needs to stay based on user data.

"I mean there's a reason why google is still google"

Out of many other things, these are major reasons why we think "Twitter" as "X" seems to be failing and people are finding it difficult you accept it.

At the end of the day, people will get used to "X" but Twitter will forever be.

So have you used "X" as a verb? Do you still say Twitter? Let's hear your thoughts on this whole situation & share what what you have learned in the comments.

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