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The Mace and Nigerian Law

When Cardinal Counsel, a legal firm, desired to change their name, they sought our expertise to develop a new brand identity that would retain a sense of professionalism while aligning with their updated name.


We carefully crafted a simple yet sophisticated brand identity that resonated with their target audience. 

Our design process involved maintaining elements that held significance from their previous identity while introducing a mace that conveyed trust and expertise befitting for a law firm.

Cardinal Counsel Re-brand

Branding | Social Media Design | 2023

Preference was given to a more calm vibe by the client to justify that we went with a calm pastel royal colour theme.

Their clients and prospects began perceiving them as a serious and reputable law firm. The refreshed brand image instilled confidence in their expertise, resulting in a reduced need for price negotiation during client interactions. Cardinal Counsel successfully navigated the name change process while reinforcing their position as a trustworthy legal firm and have 2x their revenue in one year.

Bernice Asein

Elisheba - Creative Director 

Tochi - Brand designer (worked on logo design)

Joseph - Brand Designer (worked on identity system)

Cardinal Counsel

Brand Identity Design

Social Media Template

Brand Guideline

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The Brand In Action

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