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MFG Precast Re-brand

Branding | Website | Brochure | 2023

Structure and Ordinance

We took on the challenge of rebranding MFG Precast to position them as a leading construction company in Canada. 


Through extensive research and collaboration, we developed a comprehensive identity system that showcased their expertise and professionalism. This system was applied consistently across their website and marketing materials, including brochures and flyers. The brand speaks of structure and intentionality and this was communicated through the hexagonal arrangement similar to a bee hive. The colour red stands for the stability and strength of their work.

The Brand In Action

Preference was given to a more calm vibe by the client to justify that we went with a calm pastel royal colour theme.

With the new brand identity in place, they now had a visually appealing and cohesive brand image that reflected their commitment to quality and innovation. The professionally designed brochures and flyers empowered their sales team to make a lasting impression on potential clients. The revamped website became a powerful tool to showcase their projects and attract both clients and investors. The enhanced brand identity and marketing materials not only boosted MFG Precast's credibility but also increased productivity levels among their staff.

Kunle Ayodeji

Elisheba - Creative Director (Led the project)
Akpan - Brand designer (Worked on logo design and identity system)

Tochi - Brand designer (Worked on brochure design)
Mathew - Web developer (Worked on upgrading the website)

MFG Precast

Brand Identity Design

Website upgrade

Brochure design

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