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VOJO Solutions

Naturally grown, Globally Sown

VOJO Solution saw the gap with people in diaspora not being able to access Natural foods easily and decided to solve this.

Vojo Solutions specializes in exporting high-quality seed crops, primarily sesame seeds. They prioritize simplicity, affordability, professionalism, and customer friendliness in their operations. Their focus on natural farming methods ensures the production of naturally grown products for the global market.

We developed a visual brand system that communicates natural food and also seeds which connected to the start of a healthy plant.

Vojo Solutions' tagline, "Naturally Grown, Globally Sown," encapsulates their commitment to natural farming methods and the global distribution of their products.

The transformation for VOJO Solutions was significant. The introduction of a well-designed and functional website streamlined their operations and reduced logistical challenges.

Customers from around the world could now conveniently place orders, leading to increased sales and global reach.

By successfully establishing their brand as a trusted source of organic food, VOJO Solutions has played a significant role in making healthier food options available to countries where local production may be limited.