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Brand Building Training

Learn how to build your business brand

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As a solopreneur or small business owner, we tend to see this branding thing as something for big businesses and corporations or it could just be that running it is too expensive. Branding is a consistent thing that has a budget of around 3 million naira or more every year. But there's a way to go about this and get your business off the ground branding-wise for far less investment. Our comprehensive program covers the basics of brand building, from defining your brand persona to increasing brand awareness through marketing. You would also have guidance to set up your own team as you grow. You get access to 15 days of training materials, such as templates, resources and guides, as well as 2 weeks of personalised coaching after the training for guidance on your journey. Get the skills you need to build a strong and successful brand today. WHAT WE WOULD COVER 1. The truth about branding and why people buy brands 2. Competing outside of affordability and quality; knowing the real value of your product 3. Shaping brand perception 4. What brand strategy really is and how to develop it 5. Visual brand elements and how to utilise them as a brand communicator 6. Brand building and brand awareness 7. Brand consistency 8. How branding brings sales THE PACKAGES AND WHAT YOU GET Deluxe Pack 1. 15-day training 2. Brand building workbook 3. Template and resources for brand building 4. A simple brand identity for free (Logo, colour and typography system with a guide for application on Canva) 5. 2-week follow-up and guidance during your brand launch Standard pack 1. 15-day training 2. Brand building workbook 3. Template and resources for brand building You can select these options on checkout WHO THIS IS FOR 1. You must have a customer base or traction 2. You should be making between 200,000 naira to 1 million naira per month. (If these do not apply to you, do not register. For the best result of business growth you must fit into the criteria)

  • From 50,000 Nigerian nairas

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