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DSK Foods & Grills

Joy Through Food

DSK Foods and Grills faced challenges with their online presence, which resulted in a loss of customers and hindered their ability to sell online.

To address this, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey. We began by changing the name from Dolapo Shawarma to DSK, creating a distinct identity separate from the past.

Building on the brand strategy we came up with; centered around happiness through food, we designed a logo with a happy smile.

The mascot represents the founder’s face and he spreads happiness through the food he makes. This is perfect for customer engagement on social media and in-person interactions.

The new brand identity and strategic initiatives allowed them to proudly showcase their business online once again. Customers responded positively to the revamped brand, expressing their enthusiasm and support. The brand's focus on happiness through food resonated with customers, leading to increased engagement and loyalty. This successful transformation gave them the confidence and momentum to scale their business to more spots around Lagos.

Asides this, we designed and branded his physical stall in 2 locations and also branded the bike used for delivery. This was he could stand out more amongst the other shops near by and also get attention while making deliveries.

We also designed the menu and staff uniforms that the client printed themselves.

Dolapo Lajiga


Elisheba - Creative Director

Tochi - Brand designer


DSK Foods & Grills


Brand Identity Design

Location Branding

Bike branding

Menu design

Staff uniform design