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The Business of Creativity

Increasing Student Enrollment

We came up with a launch strategy for the program with a detailed execution plan. Luckily this edu tech platform already had a brand strategy so we got enough data which fueled our decision to change the name to "The Business of Creativity".

We chose content, influencer and partnership marketing as our key action points to reach more people and make the offer irresistible.

We went ahead to create all graphics, video and writing content for the launch period which was 2 months from content planning, production and post-editing.

The results achieved for Garneta Art School were astounding. Through our strategic efforts, they successfully enrolled 12 students into the program, surpassing their initial goal. Additionally, their online community experienced remarkable growth, expanding from non-existent to 290+ active members.

The school's Instagram following increased from approximately 50 to over 350 followers, and they established an email list with over 1000 creative individuals.

The revamped program, TBC, garnered high demand and enthusiasm among their target audience. What was once a single offering transformed into an annual event that continues to generate substantial interest and participation.