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Our Services

Initiate your brand building journey through our services. Explore our diverse range of services that drive business success. Discover how we can help your businesses achieve her goals.

Everything we do is strategic


Complete our Booking Form

Provide essential details about your business, requirements, and goals through our user-friendly booking form available here.


Complimentary Consultation Call

After conducting background research, we'll reach out within 24 hours to schedule a consultation call. Benefit from our expertise as we provide further clarity and recommendations.


Proposal and Quote

Based on the project type, we will present a detailed proposal or quote for your review and consideration. We're open to negotiation and adjustments.


Acceptance and Deposit

To initiate the project, we kindly request a 70% deposit from you. Once confirmed, we proceed to the next stage.


Commence Work + Collaborative Revisions

Throughout the process, we ensure your involvement by sharing regular presentations, seeking your thoughts and feedback, and obtaining your approval before moving forward.


Final Approval

In the final presentation, we present our completed work, allowing you to provide your ultimate approval before we proceed to export files and assets or go live.


Secure Packaging of Files and Assets

We organize and deliver all project files and assets conveniently via a dedicated Google Drive folder after final payment. You will also receive a file type guide, execution guidelines, and helpful tutorials.


Ongoing Follow-Up

We take responsibility for helping you achieve your business goals. Expect us to provide follow-up support and guidance to ensure your continued success.

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  • How much is branding?
    Our branding package can cost between 1,500,000 naira to 20m naira. This package cuts across logo, color system, typography system, illustrations and patterns, photography style and presets, brand book, brand marketing and brand launch strategies. Package comes with a free consultation on how to apply your new identity to build your brand.
  • Do you design and print?
    Yes we do design of packaging and print as well.
  • How much are your services?
    Our services range from #370,000 to #20,000,000 depending on what you need.
  • What will it take me to apply?
    Application is simple; You first fill the form and we would reach out via email to set a meeting to discuss. After the call, we review and revert by giving you access to our discord server for day to day communication. We also add you to our CRM and other tools you may need access to. Once that is complete, we do a few days of training for you to know how Seriphics speaks to customers, how to know what to say and so on. Once you have done this and passed the test, we then hand over the necessary things you need.
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